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Background Information: Testbiotech vs GRACE

In October 2014, the EU-funded research project GRACE published the results of its 90-day feeding studies with genetically modified MON810 maize and invited experts and interested members of the public to take part in a scientific discussion of the results. A public discussion forum was set up for this purpose, hosted by the scientific journal Archives of Toxicology.

The organisation Testbiotech accused the research project of having drawn the wrong conclusions from the trial data. In addition, Testbiotech claimed that some of the scientists involved in the study had links to industry and were therefore not independent.

GRACE has repeatedly invited Testbiotech to take part in the forum and to share its arguments and discuss them in a scientific manner with interested experts and members of the public, but without success.

However, GRACE has responded in detail to Testbiotech’s accusations in a number of open letters and statements. In December 2014, the Editor-in-Chief of Archives of Toxicology, Prof. Jan Hengstler, launched the open scientific forum with a leading article. In another contribution on the forum, Prof. Pablo Steinberg, one of the main authors of the GRACE paper, responded in detail to Testbiotech’s criticisms of the study.

The following list shows the correspondence on that issue in chronological order:

GRACE [Oct 2014]:

Testbiotech [7 Nov 2014]:

GRACE [10 Nov 2014]:

Testbiotech [18 Nov 2014]:

GRACE [25 Nov 2014]:

Testbiotech [8 Dec 2014]:

Pablo Steinberg, Arch Tox [4 Dec 2014]

GRACE [10 Dec 2014]

EU Commission [17 Dec 2014]:

Jan G. Hengstler, Arch Tox [24 Dec 2014]

Testbiotech [9 Jan 2015]

GRACE [14 Jan 2015]

Access to raw data of feeding trials:

  • GRACE publishes all the raw data from the animal feeding studies it has conducted. These are available via the CADIMA database.