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Data interpretation of an anonymous toxicologist and corresponding GRACE statements

In its criticisms of the 90-day feeding studies, Testbiotech refers to analyses carried out by an anonymous toxicologist. In the telecast "Unser Land" (Bavarian television, 9 Jan 2015) the anonymous toxicologist provided the following assessment of the study results:

Quote on the protein content in the blood of the test animals:

“Five of the animals treated with genetically modified maize are clearly in the pathological range. In other words, they are 25% below the mean value or lower.”

Quote on the high blood sugar values and on the reduced pancreatic weight:

“Put bluntly, one could expect that the animals would develop diabetes over time because the pancreas, as we can see, has been affected and the function of the pancreas, i.e. keeping the blood sugar level low, is obviously no longer being performed in full.”

Scientists involved in the GRACE study responded to his assessment in detail and disagreed with most of it: