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How were the project‘s efforts to increase transparency assessed by the stakeholders?

What we can say based on preliminary data from questionnaires and interviews with participants is that the efforts in transparency generally were positively or even very positively received by both team members and stakeholders. In particular, they did serve the purpose to facilitate the consultation process. The transparency of how the GRACE team was processing stakeholder comments was also appreciated but very few stakeholders actually seem to have checked this. Given the fact that we received and responded to about 1,100 written comments from stakeholders we are speculating that the mere amount of stakeholder comments and GRACE team responses on top of the already extensive documentations of the stakeholder workshops was overloading our stakeholder participants.

Data accessibility also opens up the opportunity for data interpretation: “data can be re-evaluated and discussed in detail by everyone” (team member).

While there was high agreement on transparency in terms of data and stakeholder inputs (due to the detailed documentation), transparency in regard to decision making in the research process was not perceived as fully transparent (stakeholder viewpoint). More insights on participant perceptions and more general thoughts about lessons learned will be available once the analysis of the participant feed-back will have been completed.