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Joint CEE/JKI Training Workshop: CADIMA and its supportive function during evidence synthesis



18th-20th of April 2016, Berlin, Germany


Evidence synthesis approaches, such as systematic reviews, represent powerful tools to identify, collect, summarise and appraise primary research in an objective, transparent and repeatable manner.

This two-day workshop introduces the basis of systematic reviews and free supportive internet tools for international review teams provided by the web portal CADIMA (Central Access Database for Impact Assessment of Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies): starting from question formulation, searching, screening, critical appraisal, data extraction and synthesis, through to the various possible outputs (reports, policy briefs, etc.).

The workshop offers practical guidance for potential review authors especially in the fields of environment, agriculture and impact assessment.

Detailed agenda

General information

Note: Registration is closed

Acknowledgement: The development of CADIMA was funded as part of the EU-FP7 programme project GRACE, Grant Agreement KBBE-2011-6-311957.

GRACE Database

Improving the availability of scientific information on GM plants


The database CADIMA (Central Access Database for Impact Assessment of Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies) contains quality assessed studies and conclusions on the health effects, socio-economic consequences and environmental impacts of GM plants as well as raw data of animal feeding studies and alternative in vitro approaches.

It is currently under development and covers the EU projects GRACE, G-TwYST and PreSto GMO ERA-Net.


CADIMA database