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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Consultation on Animal Feeding Trials and Alternative Methods for the Assessment of GMO Impacts on Human Health

Planning and evaluation of 90-day animal feeding trials, alternative in-vitro, analytical and in-silico studies as well as a 1-year animal feeding study.

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Stakeholder Consultation on Evidence Synthesis of GMO impact research

GRACE will evaluate existing evidence in the scientific literature on beneficial and adverse impacts of GM crops using two different review methods.

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Stakeholder and User Engagement

GRACE has an explicit focus on stakeholder and user engagement which is reflected by a dedicated work package. Stakeholders are involved in the planning stage of our research and in the interpretation of results and in drawing conclusions.

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A brief reflection on the ‘RRIness’ of GRACE

GRACE implemented stakeholder engagement and transparency mechanisms which seem to be more in-line with the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) concept compared to other EU research projects in the domain of science.

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Start of stakeholder consultation on draft study plans for chronic and sub-chronic toxicity studies with GM maize

On 6 Dec 2013 starts a written stakeholder consultation procedure on the draft study plans of two animal feeding studies. The deadline for comments is 20 Dec 2013.

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Consultation Reports

GRACE Database

Improving the availability of scientific information on GM plants


The database CADIMA (Central Access Database for Impact Assessment of Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies) contains quality assessed studies and conclusions on the health effects, socio-economic consequences and environmental impacts of GM plants as well as raw data of animal feeding studies and alternative in vitro approaches.

It is currently under development and covers the EU projects GRACE, G-TwYST and PreSto GMO ERA-Net.


CADIMA database