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GRACE published its 1-year feeding trial with a GM maize MON810 variety

The key objective of GRACE was to conduct 90-day animal feeding trials, animal studies with an extended time frame as well as analytical, in vitro and in silico studies on genetically modified (GM) maize in order to comparatively evaluate their use in GM plant risk assessment.

This includes a recently published 1-year feeding trial with a GM maize MON810 variety, its near-isogenic non-GM comparator and an additional conventional maize variety.

The results obtained show that the MON810 maize at a level of up to 33 % in the diet did not induce adverse effects in male and female Wistar Han RCC rats after a chronic exposure.



One-year oral toxicity study on a genetically modified maize MON810 variety in Wistar Han RCC rats (EU 7th Framework Programme project GRACE)

Dagmar Zeljenková, Radka Aláčová, Júlia Ondrejková, Katarína Ambrušová, Mária Bartušová, Anton Kebis, Jevgenij Kovrižnych, et al.

Archives of Toxicology
ISSN 0340-5761
Arch Toxicol
DOI 10.1007/s00204-016-1798-4


Note: Electronic supplementary material
This online version of the study contains supplementary material.