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  • Welcome and Opening by JKI President Dr. Georg F. Backhaus -
    Speech | Slides
  • Greeting by Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Klaus Heider -
  • Greeting by JKI Academic Advisory Council, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Friedt - Speech
  • Laudation by JKI President Dr. Georg F. Backhaus - Speech

Session 1: Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies

Session 2: Plants as production platform

Session 3: Risk/Safety and impact assessment

Session 4: Social implications

Farewell (Joachim Schiemann)



Colloquium menue






In case of questions concerning the colloquium please contact:

Joachim Schiemann

Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI), Quedlinburg, Germany
Phone: +49 3946 47 503


If you need help concerning the registration, please contact:

Klaus Minol

Genius GmbH,

Darmstadt, Germany