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Stakeholder Consultation on Evidence Synthesis of GMO impact research

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GRACE will evaluate existing evidence in the scientific literature on beneficial and adverse impacts of GM crops using two different evidence synthesis methods, evidence maps and systematic reviews. In the planning stage stakeholders are involved in the discussion and fine-tuning of the general framework and of the plans for conducting the evidence maps and systematic reviews using a multi-step procedure.

Another series of  consultation steps is foreseen on the results from the evidence maps and systematic reviews as well as the usefulness of the GRACE concept for good review practice and will be held in 2015.

GRACE Evidence Synthesis - Stakeholder Consultation Procedure for Planning Stage Issues
GRACE Evidence Synthesis - Stakeholder Consultation Procedure for Planning Stage Issues
Planning Stage Consultations

The GRACE Stakeholder Consultation Report resulting from planning stage consultations consists of four parts reflecting the subsequent engagement steps. All parts are now available:

Part 1: Overall Process and Review Questions
This part includes the presentations and discussion at the workshop held in Berlin from 22-24 April 2013 as well as the written comments received. Report download.

Part 2: Response from the GRACE Team
This part includes the responses from the GRACE team to the comments and the final set of review questions used for prioritisation exercise. Report download.

Part 3: Stakeholder Priorities for Review Questions
This part (publication scheduled for November 2014) provides the results from the prioritisation exercise (stakeholder feedback via an online-questionnaire), the final set of review questions and the rationale of the GRACE team for selecting the review questions in light of the stakeholder comments. Report download.

Part 4: Protocols for Systematic Reviews and Evidence Maps
This part summarises the feed-back received from stakeholders, the response from GRACE team, and the links to final review protocols revised and finalised in light of the comments received from stakeholders and the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE), which is established as a quality assurance step. The CEE is an open community of scientists working towards a sustainable global environment and is seeking to give guidance and feedback at key stages in the review process. Report download.

Consultation Reports

GRACE Database

Improving the availability of scientific information on GM plants


The database CADIMA (Central Access Database for Impact Assessment of Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies) contains quality assessed studies and conclusions on the health effects, socio-economic consequences and environmental impacts of GM plants as well as raw data of animal feeding studies and alternative in vitro approaches.

It is currently under development and covers the EU projects GRACE, G-TwYST and PreSto GMO ERA-Net.


CADIMA database