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Stakeholder Workshop on Good Review Practice in GMO Impact Assessment

The workshop was the first interaction with stakeholders and interested experts on the systematic assessment of GMO impacts (‘evidence synthesis’). The workshop was held from 22 to 23 April 2013 in Berlin and attended by 42 individuals from a broad range of stakeholder organisations in GMO risk assessment as well as professional risk assessors, risk managers, and members of the academia.

The aim of this workshop was twofold:

  • to familiarise participants with the concept of evidence synthesis and to discuss the GRACE approach to Good Review Practice including the planned features of the open-access database;
  • to discuss the conceptual models and the thereof derived draft review questions for each thematic area (health, environmental and socio-economic impacts). Both the conceptual models and the draft review questions will determine the type and scope of the reviews conducted in the context of GRACE and are therefore of key importance. The reviews conducted in GRACE should be relevant and timely for both science and society.

A first announcement was circulated by e-mail to some 700 individuals from stakeholder organisations. Documents describing the conceptual models and draft review questions as well as the draft general framework for Good Review Practice and database issues were circulated to workshop participants before the workshop. Individuals interested but not able to attend as well as all workshop participants were invited to submit written comments.

This consultation is meanwhile closed and the consultation report is available here.