Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG), Spain

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Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG), Spain

CRAG is a public consortium that comprises research groups from Spanish Research Council (CSIC), the Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology (IRTA), and the Universities Autonomous of Barcelona (UAB) and Barcelona (UB).

Areas of research: study of characters of interest in plants and farm animal species, combining basic and applied research in model and crop species and applying molecular and genetic approaches for breeding and food production.

CRAG is included in a consolider project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation as a centre of excellence. It employs 240 people, 100 scientists, 80 PhD students and 65 technicians and administrative.

Staff members:

  • Prof. Pere Puigdomènech, PhD
  • Maria Pla, PhD
  • José Luís LaPaz, PhD
  • Sara Marrupe
  • Carlos Repiso
  • Oriol Casagran
  • Gisela Mir
  • Emilio Centeno

CRAG's stuff members have a very strong tradition on molecular biology studies on plants, especially maize, rice, potato and others. As an example, CRAG has developed a number of transgenic plants mainly for research purposes. It has a service of GMO analysis (ENGL member), in which frame CRAG developed GMO detection and quantification methods and worked on coexistence or detection of unauthorised GMOs. Towards GMO safety assessment,  the team studied the stability of transgene DNA locus and mRNA transcript and as well on unintended effects of the transgene in plants using transcriptomics (both, with Affymetrix microarrays and 454Roche sequencer) and proteomics approaches, using GM maize and GM rice.

Selected publications:

  • Montero M, Coll A, Nadal A, Collado R, Messeguer J, Puigdomènech P and Pla M (2011) Only around half transcriptomic differences between self-resistant Genetically Modified and conventional rice can be associated to the transgene. Plant Biotechnol J 9(6): 693-702
  • La Paz JL, Vicient C, Puigdomènech P and Pla M (2010) Characterization of polyadenylated cryIA(b) transcripts in maize MON810 commercial varieties. Anal Bioanal Chem 396(6):2125-2133
  • La Paz JL, Pla M, Papazova N, Puigdomènech P and Vicient C (2010) Stability of the MON810 transgene in maize. Plant Mol Biol 74:563-571
  • Coll A, Nadal A, Collado R, Capellades G, Kubista M, Messeguer J and Pla M (2010) Natural variation explains most transcriptomic changes among maize plants of different MON810 and comparable non-GM varieties subjected to two N fertilization farming practices. Plant Mol Biol 73:349-362
  • Coll A, Nadal A, Palaudelmàs M, Messeguer J, Melé E, Puigdomènech P and Pla M (2008) Lack of repeatable differential expression patterns between MON810 and comparable commercial varieties of maize. Plant Mol Biol 68:105-117