Genius GmbH – Science and Communication, Germany

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genius GmbH – Science and Communication, Germany

genius GmbH  is a science and communication agency focssing on strategic consulting, press and public relations, preparation of technical and corporate documents, event management and mediation. Key topics are agriculture, biotechnology, energy, nutrition and renewable resources. The interdisciplinary team consists of 12 members. Core of the team are natural scientists who are experienced PR, marketing or mediation experts.

Staff members:

  • Klaus Minol, PhD
  • Prof. Kristina Sinemus, PhD

Klaus Minol and Kristina Sinemus working since 20 years in projects related to biosafety and risk assessment, public perception of biotechnology, traceability and coexistence. From 2000 to 2013 genius led the communication project "" assisting the biosafety research on GM crops on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). They coordinated the EU FP6 project GMO-COMPASS and led the communication and dialogue activities within the EU funded projects COEXTRA and BIOSAFENET. genius has also been involved in the DG Environment's  “BEETLE-STUDY” (Long-term effects of genetically modified crops on health and the environment).

Selected publications:

  • BEETLE report (2009) Long-term effects of genetically modified (GM) crops on health and the environment (including biodiversity): prioritization of potential risks and delimitation of uncertainties. German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, BLaU-Umweltstudien and genius GmbH.
  • Sinemus, Kristina; Egelhofer, Marc (2007) Transparent communication strategy on GMOs: Will it change public opinion? In: Biotechnology Journal, Vol 2, 1041-1146.
  • Minol, Klaus; Spelsberg, Gerd; Schulte, Elisabeth; Morris, Nicholas (2007) Portals, blogs and co.: the role of the Internet as a medium of Science communication. In: Biotechnology Journal, Vol 2, 1129-1140
  • Brauerhoch, Frank-Olaf; Ewen, Christoph; Sinemus, Kristina (2007) Commentary: Talking biotech with the public. In: Biotechnology Journal, Vol 2, p. 1076-1080.
  • Sinemus, Kristina: Editorial (2007): Talking with the public – challenging the public scare. In: Biotechnology Journal, Vol 2, 1047.