24. February 2024

• Allegations that LayerZero kept a secret “backdoor” have surfaced, but the firm denies these claims.
• The allegations come just before Uniswap votes on whether to partner with LayerZero.
• Co-founder Bryan Pellegrino says the platform does have backdoor-like capabilities, but he denies LayerZero has ever tried to hide them.

Allegations of ‘Backdoor’ at LayerZero

The head of Nomad, a competitor of LayerZero, recently alleged that the company had kept a secret “backdoor” in its code which allowed them to bypass security controls and pass data between blockchains without permission.

LayerZero Denies Accusations

LayerZero co-founder Bryan Pellegrino says the project does have backdoor-like capabilities but denied the platform has ever tried to hide them. He also suggested that competing bridge providers such as Nomad and Wormhole have similar functions and accused Prestwich of making these accusations due to an upcoming Uniswap vote on whether or not to partner with LayerZero.

Security Capabilities of Platform

Pellegrino explained that developers are able to set parameters barring Layerzero from special access privileges, which would prevent any potential backdoor activity from taking place. He also clarified that there is nothing anyone can do unless their configuration is set in a certain way.

Uniswap Vote on Partnering With LayerZero

The accusations from Prestwich come just before Uniswap votes on whether or not they should partner with Layer Zero for their bridging services. This has lead many people to speculate about Prestwich’s motives for releasing this information now.


Although allegations about a possible backdoor at Layerzeroo have been made, the company has denied any wrong doing and clarified the security capabilities of their platform. Ultimately, it will be up to Uniswap’s vote as to who they choose as their bridge provider moving forward