14. April 2024

• M^ZERO has emerged from stealth mode and raised $22.5M in seed funding for their DeFi platform.
• The seed round was led by Pantera Capital and included Mouro Capital, the VC arm connected to Santander Group.
• M^ZERO is developing a protocol that will create an institutional-grade approach to DeFi.

M^ZERO Exits Stealth Mode With $22.5M Funding Round

M^ZERO, a decentralized infrastructure layer for digital asset value transfer, has exited stealth mode with a bullish $22.5 million seed round and the intention of advancing the pioneering work done in decentralized finance (DeFi). Led by Pantera Capital, the seed round had participation from numerous venture capital firms including Road Capital, AirTree, Standard Crypto, The SALT Fund (part of SkyBridge/Anthony Scaramucci family), ParaFi Capital, Distributed Capital, Kraynos Capital, Earlybird, and Mouro Capital (the venture capital arm connected to the Santander Group).

The Goal: Institutional-Grade DeFi

Luca Prosperi, CEO of M^ZERO Labs which helms the platform said that they are taking an institutional-grade approach to DeFi with their protocols – creating an infrastructural overlay on Ethereum where large players can exchange assets and liquidity worldwide while also allowing builders to develop solutions on top of it. Prosperi is one of the leading voices within MakerDAO’s community governance as well and believes in decentralized governance to make sure that such networks remain neutral when it comes to value transmission and payments flowing through them.

What Sets M^ZERO Apart?

Prosperi explains that what sets his firm apart from other DeFi projects is its focus on providing a secure yet flexible infrastructure for large-scale transactions – something that hasn’t been done before in this space as most projects were designed for individual use cases rather than institutional grade usage. This would provide both financial institutions as well as tech startups access to modern financial primitives like multi-asset swaps or atomic swaps without having to worry about potential risks associated with them.

Steady Evolution Of DeFI Towards Institutionalization

After last year’s collapses and bankruptcies of centralized finance firms, DeFi appears set to become more institutional-friendly and scalable going forward thanks to projects such as M^Zero’s aiming at building a new wave of capabilities into existing blockchains so they can better serve larger users who require enterprise grade services when it comes to exchanging digital assets securely and efficiently across multiple platforms using blockchain technology.


With its ambitious aim at making traditional financial services compatible with blockchains for large scale users without sacrificing security or flexibility , M^Zero seems well positioned going forward in this ever evolving space . Its recent successful funding round should give it plenty of resources needed for development along this journey .