Perseus bvba (Perseus), Belgium

Perseus bvba (Perseus), Belgium

Established in 2003, PERSEUS bvba is a partnership of biosafety and regulatory experts from diverse fields of application.  PERSEUS offers a unique combination of specialized regulatory know-how and personal experience in the safe use of biologicals, genetically modified or not, developed over more than 20 years; a worldwide contact network in the full spectrum of biosafety-related disciplines and an insight on corporate and European political demands.

Extensive expertise has been built by its staff on genetically modified material in containment and all phases beyond (including field trials, commercial applications, movement of materials and imports[get_bloginfo]url[/get_bloginfo]/files/content/, international trade).  Perseus is registered in Belgium, embedded in one of Europe’s most active Life Science regions and close to the European Commission’s administrative centers, with activities throughout the EFTA and Eastern Europe.

Staff members:

  • Patrick Rüdelsheim, PhD, General Partner Perseus BVBA
  • Greet Smets, PhD, Biosafety and Regulatory Specialist

Large experience in obtaining approvals for placing on the market of genetically modified plants in the EU and internationally. Recognized risk assessment and management experts and heavily involved in international organization like the European Biosafety Association and the International Society for Biosafety Research.

Contribution to several public biosafety research collaborations including EC project BIOT-CT91-0298;EC project BAP-0371/0384/0408/0423, EC project AIR3-CT94-2311 and EC project FP7-226465.

Conducted successfully an EU-wide regulatory and stakeholder consultation on the integration of regulation for genetically modified organisms and clinical trial procedures (EC contract n° 070402/2005/419827/MAR/B4). The approach and methodology developed in that study will be applicable for the proposed project.

Proven efficiency in preparing and conducting phone interviews and organizing/facilitating international and multi-stakeholder workshops (ISBR Symposia / EBSA Conferences / EuropaBio Workshops).