Slovak Medical University (SMU), Slovakia

Slovak Medical University (SMU), Slovakia

SMU is involved in international scientific cooperation through the 4-7 FP EU projects, national projects and expertises. The most important part of the SMU (Center of Excellence) is the original research in the field of environmental health, food hygiene, occupational health, toxicology, including toxicokinetics, bacteriology, virology, mycology, clinical pharmacology, genetics, biochemistry, clinical immunology, pharmacokinetics, etc. Activities are conducted in compliance with the requirements of GLP, GMP.

Staff members:

  • Dagmar Zeljenková, MVD, PhD, senior scientist, head of dpt. of toxicology
  • Elena Szabová, RNDr,  PhD, senior scientist, geneticist
  • Jana Tulinská, MUDr, PhD, imunotoxicology
  • Aurélia Líšková, RNDr, PhD, imunotoxicology, hematology
  • Eva Rollerová, PhD, scientist, toxicology, teratolology
  • Jevgenij Kovrižnych, scientist,  ecotoxicology
  • Zora Krivošíková, PhD, senior scientist, clinical chemistry
  • Eva Němcová, Mgr, Quality assurance manager
  • Soňa Wimmerová, RNDr., statistician
  • M. Levkut, Prof. DVM, DrSc, histology (externa)l
  • Assoc. prof. Zuzana Ševčíková, MVD, PhD. histology (external)
  • V. Revajová, Assoc. Prof., DVM., PhD, histology -external

The working group has extensive experience in GLP toxicological studies (90 days studies, acute toxicities). Customers are, among others, Biomin, Bioferm Austria and the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU). SMU were partner in the EC FP6 project "Improving environmental health research and management in newly associated states" (WP8: Developmental effects of environmental exposure: Networking on research centres focused on reproductive toxicology and epidemiology; WP9: Implementation of alternative methods for toxicity testing, developed by EC, in newly associated states). Other relevant projects were banking of biological and environmental samples from an area with increased environmental exposure to PCBs in east Slovakia (Slovak-U.S. Cooperation on Science and Technology 2002 – 2006) and  QNano (A pan-European infrastructure for quality in nanomaterials safety).

Selected publications:

  • Bonassi S, Fenech M, Lando C, Lin YP, Ceppi M, Chang WP, Holland N, Kirsch-Volders M, Zeiger E, Ban S, Barale R, Bigatti MP, Bolognesi C, Jia C, Di Giorgio M, Ferguson LR, Fucic A, Lima OG, Hrelia P, Krishnaja AP, Lee TK, Migliore L, Mikhalevich L, Mirkova E, Mosesso P, Müller WU, Odagiri Y, Scarffi MR, Szabova E, Vorobtsova I, Vral A, Zijno A. (2001) The HUman MicroNucleus project.International Data Base Comparison for results with the cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay in human lymphocytes. I. Effect of laboratory protocol, scoring criteria, and host factors on the frequency of micronuclei, Environ. Mol. Mutagen. 37, 2001, 31-45.