Stakeholder Consultation on Animal Feeding Studies and in-vitro Studies

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Stakeholder Consultation on Animal Feeding Studies and in-vitro Studies

GRACE evaluates various types of animal feeding studies and alternative methods (in-vitro and in silico studies) to determine their suitability for human health risk assessments of GM food and feed.

Discussion at the workshop

The first stakeholder workshop in Vienna (3-4 December 2012) focused particularly on 90-day animal feeding trials. GRACE partners and representatives from competent authorities, civil society organizations and industry discussed draft plans for the design, conduct and analysis of such studies. Other topics were possible options and constraints for animal feeding studies with an extended time frame and the choice and designs of current in-vitro approaches.

The workshop results and written comments received from stakeholder will be considered for developing and refining the plans for these studies. Details on  the consultation procedure are described in the consultation report.

More general questions such as the added value of such approaches in GMO risk assessment will be discussed in a following stakeholder consultation on the results and draft interpretation of the studies conducted in the GRACE project.

Presentations given at the workshop:

90-day Feeding studies – Test Material

90-day Feeding Studies – Design and Analysis

General Considerations on Toxicity Studies with GM Crops

Consultation Report
File: Consultation Report.pdfSize: 25.65 MB

Animal feeding studies and in vitro studies in GMO risk assessment


Outcome of the stakeholder workshop held on 3-4 December 2012 in Vienna

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