Stakeholder Consultation: a systematic review approach for impact assessments of GMOs

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Stakeholder Consultation: a systematic review approach for impact assessments of GMOs

The project GRACE will host a stakeholder consultation on the development of a optimized review concept to evaluate the results of GMOs risk assessment studies on human health, the environment and socio-economy. The consultation will be held in Berlin from 22-24 April 2013.

Field studies with GM maize

Even though a lot of safety research has been conducted on GMO, it is very difficult for stakeholders, risk assessors and the general public, to fully overview existing outcomes. This could be for several reasons, e.g.  the range of available studies is extremely broad and rapidly increasing. Furthermore, drawing conclusion is often hampered because of the different approaches and methods used in the studies. There are also problems relating to the different ways to present data and results in studies that makes it hard to evaluate the presented data for decision making.

In order to overcome these hurdles, GRACE will collect and evaluate available studies dealing with potential impacts of GMOs on health, the environment and socio-economy in a standardized, transparent and reproducible manner. The review data will be publicly available in an open access database.

The framework for this review process – guidelines, methods and specific review questions for impact assessment – have been developed by GRACE and will be discussed with stakeholders at the workshop. The comments received will be considered for refining GRACE’ review approach. A detailed report on the discussions and outcomes of the workshop will be published on the GRACE website.