Study Plan of the first 90-day feeding trial published.

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Study Plan of the first 90-day feeding trial published.

Feeding trial: 80 males and 80 females will be used for the study

A draft Study Plan regarding the 90-day feeding trial with MON810 was intensively discussed throughout the stakeholder workshop in Vienna in December 2012. Subsequent revisions were based on comments received throughout the workshop and in writing thereafter.

A detailed list of oral and written comments can be found in the Consultation Report.

In order to allow GRACE partners i) to review the Study Plan in light of the received comments and ii) to organize the testing for additional analytes in diet analysis as suggested in the comments, the actual start of the feeding trial was postponed until April 2013 (date of signature: 22/03/2013; date of trial start: 02/04/2013).

As announced in the December 2012 consultation the Study Plan of the first 90-day feeding trial with MON810  is presented herewith in three different versions:

Due to the privacy policy of the Julius Kühn-Institute the names of team members had to be blackened if they have not been published before.

Deviations of the trial performance from the Study Plan will be reported at the GRACE webpage after the reception of the Study Report.

Further Study Plans on other GRACE feeding trials will be made available via the GRACE web page by following the same transparent and retraceable documentation procedure.

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