22. September 2023

The most effective boilers are energy efficient and durable. They are also quiet. A brand new gas powered boiler is expected to last for a period of 10 to 15 years.

The Best Boiler Brands

  1. Lennox Boilers
  2. Slant-Fin Boilers
  3. Bosch Boilers
  4. Triangle Tube Boilers
  5. Peerless Boilers
  6. Westinghouse Boilers
  7. Buderus Boilers

The list below is a selection of the most highly rated boilers to purchase throughout the US and Canada. The efficiency of these furnaces ranges between 81.3 percent to 95% in accordance with an Annual fuel utilization Efficiency or the AFUE. Additionally, they differ in terms of features and cost.


Homeowners and customers have contributed thousands of comments and reviews on this website. The users rate their experience from one (“Very Satisfied”) or five (“Very Happy”).

FurnaceCompare has collected reviews of the 74 most popular brands as well as 350 different boiler models. To ensure a precise standard, we’ve only included boilers that have received at least 5 reviews.

Lennox GWM-IE Boiler

The Energy Star’s Most Efficient 2015 label The Lennox GWM is an indoor-installed gas-modulating condensing water boiler that has an efficiency rating that can reach 95 percent of AFUE. Unique features inside the GWM-IE version comprise an affordable electronic ignition switch which monitors the temperature and stops overuse of the burner, as and an engineered combustion tube to reduce sound. Its heat exchanger tube self-cleans as well as the mesh-burner is resistant to corrosion.

It is the Lennox GWM-IE is a condensing boiler that is modulating, which claims to provide up to 40% more efficiency than standard boilers. The burner that modulates is designed to run on an extremely low setting the majority of the time, thus reducing the sound level and costs for fuel while ensuring a consistent temperature.


  • A number of reviewers praised the dramatic price reduction on the monthly bill for energy
  • Many have praised its effectiveness in heating during winter
  • A few have praised the modulator, which is run completely


  • The unit needed frequent repairs and also experienced ignition issues.
  • Price of purchase is expensive

The Lennox GWM-IE comes with a fifteen-year warranty on the heat exchanger as well as a 10-year guarantee on the other covered components (labor cost is not covered by the warranty)

Slant-Fin Sentry Boiler

The Slant/Fin Sentry boiler is natural gas boiler that has the efficiency 84.4 percent AFU. The Sentry is equipped with a variety of noteworthy features , such as a pre-purge option to save heat, an LED display that displays the temperature of the water and permits users to regulate the temperature as an lined jacket that is insulated to stop heat loss and minimize operating noise.

Slant-Fin’s Sentry is gas-fired cast iron boiler that is available across five dimensions. It comes with front-mounted controls for quick installation and maintenance and a sophisticated natural draft design for an efficient operation and reliability.The Sentry’s low profile design allows it to be installed on sites which have limited space, or those with weak chimney connections.


  • A number of owners were pleased with the long life span of the boiler in contrast to other boilers on the market
  • A few reviewers have mentioned that the boiler was quiet
  • Many owners said that the cost of buying the boiler is in line with the market.


  • One resident said that it took some time longer than usual to heat the house.
  • A customer complained the item was heavy and did not fit in the space.

This Slant/Fin Boiler is covered by a one-year warranty on all parts, and a lifetime guarantee on the cast iron part that is prorated after 10,10 years.